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    The fast fashion industry faces criticism for several reasons, largely related to its environmental and ethical impact:


    Environmental Concerns:

    • Pollution: Fast fashion relies on cheap, synthetic materials and production processes that heavily pollute waterways with toxic dyes and chemicals, contributing significantly to water pollution.
    • Waste: The industry generates vast amounts of textile waste, with a high percentage ending up in landfills, releasing harmful methane and taking centuries to decompose.
    • Climate Change: Fast fashion's rapid production cycle and reliance on synthetic materials contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, estimated at around 10% globally.

    Ethical Concerns:

    • Labor exploitation: The industry is often linked to unethical labor practices in developing countries, with workers facing low wages, unsafe working conditions, and long working hours.
    • Overconsumption: The constant churn of new trends encourages overconsumption and a "disposable clothing" mentality, leading to increased waste and environmental damage.

    Supporting Sustainable Fashion:

    Sustainable fashion designers offer a more ethical and environmentally friendly alternative. Here's how they can be supported:

    • Consumer awareness: Raising consumer awareness about the issues with fast fashion and promoting sustainable alternatives is crucial.
    • Financial support: Providing financial aid through grants, loans, and investment opportunities can help sustainable brands scale and compete with fast fashion giants.
    • Policy changes: Implementing policies that incentivize sustainable practices and discourage harmful ones can create a more level playing field for sustainable brands.
    • Collaboration: Collaboration between established brands and sustainable designers can foster knowledge sharing and innovation.

    By addressing these issues and supporting sustainable alternatives, we can move towards a more ethical and environmentally responsible fashion industry.

  • Our Hack Your Style manifesto

    We want to foster sustainable conscious and ethical fashion initiatives

    For sustainable fashion designers

    Because you are at the core of the artistic creation process, we believe that you have a key role to play

    For beauty and cosmetics creators

    In this adjacent market, we expect multiple scandals to come and we know that alternative exist. We want to help and support market players who care about the skincare of their customers.

    For fairtrade, human rights and transparency advocates

    Consumers tend to buy based on price only, this has a tremendous impact on production, manufacturing and logistics. To cut costs, certain fashion industry players are using undecent working conditions. We want this to stop.

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