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Fashiontech and sustainable innovation

Inside Tomorrow Talk Show

· Virtual reality,virtual fashion show,virtual fitting room,3D scanning,3d real time engines
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  • Why do we need to disrupt the fashion industry ?
  • What will be the next big thing in fashiontech / designtech ?
  • How digital technology trends will enable upcycling, transparence, affordable custom-made and sustainability ?

In this talkshow, produced by Yelena Ganshof, we explore how digital and sustainable innovations, such as CAD 3D design, blockchain, laser cutting, laser engraving, virtual reality, open API are changing the fashion, luxury and textile industries in the current COVID19 crisis.

Inside Tomorrow, interview with Yelena Ganshof, Audrey Daumain and Yves Zieba

We have also explored how famous brands can develop a new sustainability approach to meet a growing demand from ethical customers, who want to know who made their clothes, their accessorires, how they were made and what was the impact of the conception-production-distribution of what they buy.

Thank you, Yelena Ganshof van der Meersch for the warm welcome and for producing and hosting this episode of Inside Tomorrow Innovation & Technology TV show, and many thanks Vladimir Bondar for hosting us in the Dukascopy TV studio in Geneva.

The show was livestream on LinkedIN, and to watch it or rewatch it, you can simply clich this button.