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Why mobilize for the creative industries ?

What can we do as consumers to support local fashion designer ?

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Why did we choose to mobilize for sustainable fashion and sustainable luxury in Geneva? How did we structure our action plan?

What can you do concretely to support us and to help the designers?

Why mobilize for the creative industries?

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By analyzing the figures, we realized that the industry is very fragmented. There are many small structures. During the current complex period, these small structures are facing many problems. To find solutions, we have prepared a mobilization campaign for sustainable fashion designers? Why them, why them? Of course, they work on beauty, on dream and image, on dream and hope. Do we need them now when the COVID19 crisis seems to be starting up again? We think so, and we firmly believe it is essential. We are therefore very excited to present you with the twenty types of awards we have put together for you, you will find reduced tickets to a sustainable fashion festival (you can also eat vegan!), you can discover secret places and people in the city of Geneva, you can get a trend report on a theme of your choice, meet a stylist from London Fashion Week or have your portrait taken by a very talented photographer, and much more...

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