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HYS Spring Acceleration

Boost your own business

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Flexible curriculum for autonomous fashion designer entrepreneurs

The Hack Your Style curriculum allows entrepreneurs to pick and choose from an array of sessions to accommodate the startups’ needs and interests.


Curriculum events are presentations, panel sessions, interactive workshops and one-on one sessions covering various aspects and stages of building a business.



Sessions are flexible and optional: entrepreneurs attend what they decide will help them most.

Choose your tools.

We can work with different videoconference tools (Skype, and Hangout preferably).

For document sharing, we tend to use Google Drive.


Hack your style mentors are entrepreneurs, investors, executives. They provide access to their knowledge and contacts.



« Mentor Matching » happens based on supply and demand, depending on topics and availability.

We offer an hour of free mentoring to get to know you. Then, you get to chose on which topic you need most help and support. Typically, mentorship can help you on your business model, on your supply chain, on your brand management, on your product management, on your crowdfunding campaign. We can also help you find catwalks.

Supportive and diverse community

Part of the concept is to build bridges between individuals from different countries, so you can expect to join a very diverse community.

By joining Hack Your Style, you are joining a community of entrepreneurs & experts, with fashion as a common passion and sustainability and conscious as key motivation factors.

Launching a startup can be lonely. Our engaged community is overflowing with ideas, inspiration, projects and support.

Our incubator attracts people and organizations to contribute value to the entrepreneurs at the source of activity.


How to register ?

If you have an interest, please just email or contact yveszieba on skype to get all the registration details and forms.

Selection criteria

We only select projects based on design aesthetics, sustainability dimensions and entrepreneurs attitude.